Robologic goes beyond providing robotic and PLC services to our clients. We also invest in training – both for your personnel and our own employees. Our trainers are highly experienced in industrial robotics, holding certifications from KUKA, FANUC, ABB and Siemens. We offer robot programming training led by professionals with extensive experience in online and offline/simulation programming across diverse industries, including automotive, medical, metalworking, and more – each tailored to address the specific needs of each sector.

We have a robotic learning base in Riga, Latvia, equpped with ABB robot, KUKA KRC/VKRC2 and KUKA KRC/VKRC4 robots and one CRP Robot. It is a strong robotic cluster allowing to learn not only a specific robot but also differences in functionality implementations between different robot vendors.

Robologic provide a course for those who are interested in industrial robot use – whatever you plan to install a robot and is evaluating it’s possibilities and everyday usage specifics or you already have the robot installed and wish to teach new personnel or to improve the skills of your robot operators.

Trainings for you from certified industry professionals

We provide a full-round training in field of industrial robotics on robots of 3 different vendors, KUKA, ABB, and CRP. Doesn’t matter if you are starting from zero and have no knowledge of robots or want to get advanced knowledge – we are here to help. If your company already using a robot and want you to become a professional (those getting rid of frequent and expensive intgrator calls) or just planning of installation of robot and want to understand if there are any hidden obstacles after installation – this course is for you.

There are 2 types of trainings available – one is live on our base in Riga and second is online, over internet.

Here is a short description of training programs (of course it is only an example as real training is given according to participants experience and needs).

Industrial robot programming online (real robots):

  • General industrial robotics – possibilities, limitations. Types of robots.
  • Safety.
  • Robot controller and network organisation principles.
  • Uderstanding 6 axis robot – controlling of movement by axes or TCP. Understanding TCP’s and coordinate systems.
  • Tool/Base measuring, understanding payload.
  • Movement types, points, their specifics for different applications.
  • Logic: inputs/outputs, programming principles.
  • Logic: understanding programm structure.
  • Backup/restore of programs and robot project and external editors usage
  • Comissioning and additional equipment setup.
  • Working with documentation.

Industrial robot programming offline (Siemens Technomatix Process Simulate):

  • Software overview – project setup, windows, control elements e.t.c.
  • General industrial robotics in offline – controllers, movement simulation with and without RCS, limitations of virtual enviroment.
  • MachineData and robot controler setup.
  • Teach Pendant.
  • Understanding TCP’s and coordinate systems. Conversion and relativity between them. Car0 as an example of part coordinate system. Frames.
  • Movement types, points, their specifics for different applications.
  • Path planning. Correct start point and safe movement.
  • Collisions and collision lists setup.
  • Applications specifics – handling, welding, glueing e.t.c.
  • Logic: understanding programm structure and methods of implemet logic in PS.
  • Safety zones setup.
  • Cycle Time Analysis.
  • Working with documentation.

Robotic cell / production line simulation (Siemens Technomatix Process Simulate):

  • Software overview – project setup, windows, control elements e.t.c.
  • Library and work with server.
  • CheckOut/CheckIn and changes release.
  • Components ID.
  • Understanding placement principles: anlyze of workspace and requirements.
  • Understanding frames.
  • Understanding parts and operating them.
  • Model building: import and conversion of types of components from CAD software
  • Kinematisation of equipment.
  • Animation of processes (with Cycle Time Analysis)

Our training extends beyond the themes mentioned above, encompassing even more valuable topics led by industry experts. Have a specific area of interest? Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your needs.

Academic education

In cooperation with Robologic and on the base of our robotic laboratory latvian Transport and Telecommunication institute created and certified a bachelor’s programme in robotics. In 2024 9 students are awarded academic degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Robotic Systems. If you are interested in robotics and plan your future education it may be a valuable and perspective step for you.

We as a company are supporting our staff with discounts for Professional Bachelor Study Programme Robotics and offering grants to cover tuition fee to best students of Programme.