We are Robologic

We are in industry for more than 10 years now. We know automation by heart.

Robologic is working in field of industrial automation for more than 10 years now. We gained a valuable experience and finished more than 200 projects in field of industrial automation- robotics and PLC programming and electrical installations. Working mostly in for automative industry we are not limited by complexity of project required by client and are also implementing automation solutions for smaller companies. Even if you have just one robot installed or just plan to modernize your production line we are here to help you!

Robot online programming

Controlling and programming robots on-site is a job required professionals who are familiar with features of each robot vendor. We have them – we work with robots made by KUKA, ABB, FANUC and others.

Robot offline programming

Creating a perfect robotic programs that fits cycle time and ready to be uploaded to robot significally save time and money. Your production is not interrupted and integration process is fast and husstle-free.

Production line simulation

You can’t build a production line without a plan. Simulation is a part of this plan – it allows to check if the robot and equipment are choosen and placed correct.

Programmable logic controllers (PLC) programming

PLC’s are a brain of production lines. They control literally every part of production – from sensors and buttons to motors and safety. It is cruscial for industrial automation and is very sensitive to correct programming.

Virtual Comissioning (VC) / Virtuelle Inbitriebnahme (VIBN)

Virtual comissioning allows to check robotic and PLC programs in virtual enviroment as in a real-world, with all the signals, sensors, safety features thus reducing time, risks, and money related to a real-world deloyment.

Electrical engineering

Electrical and optical networks planning, documenting, wiring, connections between equpment is an essential part of automation. Proper cabelling is important for functioning and safety.


We believe that proper training is an essential part of succesful team. We teach our personel ourselvs on our own training base, and provide them with a 3rd party trainings. We are also providing trainigs to 3rd party companies as well, teaching their robot operators.